The Dreamer 

You have to do what you love in this life, I’ve decided. And you have to do it with everything you got.

It takes courage to do what you love. Other people want you to
have a prescribed, safe life where you work at a meaningless job that you bitch about, buy a house, maybe get married, maybe have kids. Maybe get divorced. Retire. And then travel. And then go to a nursing home where nobody will care about you. 

Other people don’t like when you veer off this path and try to do what you love. It scares them.  

And so they try to scare you. Don’t let them. Don’t let anyone.  

A broken man

She was wearing a blue dress when she fell in love with his pain. His heartbreak rolled off him like a tsunami wave and all she could do was hang on to the nearest tree until it passed. 

The start of something

It was a night as black as the oil pumped from the frozen ground
of that busted town. She wore a red dress. 

Their first glance was one of knowing. Knowing
this was the start of something.

His two hands found her two hands. He fell for them, out loud. 
He fell for the blood running through them. 

He loved her hands, wildly. 
Like somehow, he was a man who had loved her hands before. 


At the start, he broke in and robbed her of her whole heart. 

But she took it back, piece by painstaking piece 

Until it belonged to her again, and he had no part

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