Evangeline's Heart


Okay fuck this.

I fell I love with a man, so undeserving.

And no regrets. 

The difference between science and poetry

His intelligence is cold, a vast ice field. 

Her intelligence is not a collection of facts. It is not just what the eye sees. 

It is not knowledge. It is knowing. 

The Great Experiment 

The hypothesis: Me, so full of love, can conquer you, so full of hate. 

No Winners 

The Poet and the Scientist

He is the Scientist. The lone wolf, the muse. He is darker than the starless night, the ocean floor. His power surrounds him like fog. His mysteries that will never be solved live in his swirling eyes, black water in long abandoned wells.

She is the Poet. The moon goddess, the light. She is an inferno of love. A sanctuary. Her femininity flows like an unobstructed river. She is the Universe, the Cosmos, tuned to the unseen forces that guide.

He is exploding thunder. She is the lightening strike.

He is her, as she is him.

She was just a little girl who wanted to change the world with words.

The song in her heart waited until she was ready to sing out loud.


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